Monday, October 15, 2007

Golden Cup

An Evening Primrose flower living up to its name by opening in the Early Evening.I just thought this flower looked like a golden cup with the sunshine cascading through the petals.
Even the rain could not dampen this flowers spirits. I love the yellow flowers, so this will be on my wishlist. I have grown them from seeds before and they grew quite easily.
Its also called Sun Cups and Sundrops...
I know it as an oil capsule for women, evening primrose supplements.
The Botanical name is Oenothera was a mixture of Oinus (greek for wine) and Thera (greek for hunt). It Arrived in Europe in 1614 from Virginia. The English love it as a cottage garden or wild garden flower.
Thats some Longevity that its still being sold as Seeds amd grown here after nearly four hundred years. The flowers smell faintly sweet as well.


Priscilla George said...

I too have an evening primrose. Mine is wild though my husband gave it to me after walking the dog. I haven't seen a yellow one before. I find it interesting how they only last a day and how the white ones turn pink when they start to wilt away. Personally I never noticed the smell, maybe it is stronger with the yellow primrose.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi I love your name.I have Vanilla pods by my computer to sniff.I knew Evening primrose came in other colours but the common one here is the yellow flower.They last a few days but rain destroys them and makes them look like wet tissue paper!Its nice your husband gave you a wild one :)