Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I have finished my second night shift of seven. I wanted some Spooky halloween pictures. I reblogged the pumpkin from last year, and the witches familiar Ziggy from my sisters house.
I love the idea of Halloween, as a link to our pagan past. Jack o lanterns, bobbing for apples, trick or treats!
Samhain was its original name, the day when the worlds of the living and dead crossed over. Costumes and Masks were worn to scare away the evil spirits.
If I'd been shopping I would have carved a pumpkin. maybe next year I will be able to grow several for making pupkin soup and carving jack o lanterns.
Happy Hallowen for all of you bloggers who celebrate it :)


lisa said...

Ziggy is one cool cat! He looks quite he? Almost appears that he's meow-ing a greeting.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Lisa, Ziggy was skinny when we got her from the animal shelter.She is still nervous, but has put weight on at my sisters.She has had a second kittenhood playing with Edie, my sisters tortoiseshell cat.They are both happy in each others company!