Saturday, October 13, 2007

Flowering Begonia

A Begonia on Cats Windowsill. I love the pink petals that are almost rose like in their form, and the different colours of the petals.

I photographed a Robin at Cats Garden. She said she had never seen the wildlife before. We saw a Grey squirrel running back and fourth along the fence mission impossible style. A Magpie that was hopping up and down a tree refusing to be photographed, and the Robin.

I want a bird table and feeders in any new garden because I love to watch them hopping around and watching me, watching them. The Under Gardener in Cheltenham was a rather portly Robin red breast. He watched me every day and ate the worms and insects I uncovered digging the borders..

Away from Gardening, I will watch the Rugby union World cup semi final tonight between England and France. The Entente Cordial. Our oldest rivals from the middle ages to napoleonic Wars... Its always good when we play France, whether in the Six Nations Championship or the World Cup. Win, Draw, or lose the Stadium will be full of patriotic songs.

Swing Low sweet chariot on one side, and Allez Les Bleus...Allez les Blues on the other.

Paris is Chocha full of ticketless English hoping we can beat the French team. My favourite player this tournament is Sebastian Chabal, nickname Sea Bass. The long flowing hair, and beard..

There is a connection between the Begonia and the World Cup semi final in France. The man who's name gave us the word Begonia was Michel Begon de la Picardiere. A French patron of Botany.

Allez Les Bleu's!


Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I've been looking for some other garden nuts, so lovely to find your blog. What a result for the rugby eh?

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Elizabeth,I am certainly a garden Nut.Glad you found my blog. There is a lot of it..
The Game was great, nervy but enthralling.Thank goodness Johnny Wilkinson found his range at 73 mins!Paris will be full of celebrating England Fans!