Saturday, August 18, 2007

Secret Garden

Reading Augusts Gardeners World there was an Article by Monty Don about a garden needing an area of privacy away from the neighbours eyes and not visible from the gardeners own house.
A quiet Corner enclosed by either trees, shrubs, or willow fencing. Set back slightly from the main garden.
Like A flower covered Arbour to relax and meditate, on the wind blowing the plants and the insects buzzing around.
Monty was photographed under the pink climbing rose (Madame Gregoire Staechelin) covered arbour in the Berryfields fruit garden.
He wrote that the front garden is public, whereas the back Gardens are not usually visible from the front. The erection of hedging, covering trees, or fencing can break up the long corridor into a series of spaces. Even the smallest garden can be made to look bigger, by not having all areas visible from one spot
Dividing large spaces up can add to the gardens charm, and make exploring the bits you cant see more exciting. The spaces within a space can transform the normal into the magical.
He writes "I love gardens that are like russian dolls- A series of spaces within spaces, each revealing new pleasures and each containing realms of privacy".
A honeysuckle or Rose covered seat which is set back, under shady trees is my ideal Secret garden. A space within the garden for solitude or for conversation.
I do not have a garden so I googled the Image from an artists website. My key word was secret garden
After all the hard work of digging, weeding, mowing the grass, watering, deadheading, sowing, tending, and need to relax and sit.
Just to observe what you have done, and think of what else you can do. Even a short time of reflection can recharge your batterys after a days labour and stresses.
Thats what I miss about being gardenless my own secret garden... Where do Garden Bloggers retreat to in their own garden? Where is your gardens quiet place?
The words in marks are from Augusts Gardeners World:


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this post. I love the image you have added to the post. I like the idea of a secret garden.
Sara from farmingfriends

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Sara,I was reading your Farmingfriends website today.I love your animals.Glad you have found time from running the farm to doing an educational website.
I will drop by soon :)

lisa said...

My screen house is a secret garden spot, although not technically in the garden. I can watch birds from the glider, and nobody can see me in there, unless they're seated next to me!

David (Snappy) said...

A garden is a better place if it has a secret place where you can watch over the beauty of nature, in trees, flowers, and birds.
Sounds very nice Lisa anyway.