Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sub Tropical Border

A new addition that I never noticed before was the Sub Tropical border between the main entrance steps and the Roses border, opposite the famous Bettys tea room. Cannas, Salvias, Abulitons, Melainthus Major, Ferns, palms, and banana leaf plants, sat on the edge of one tributary of the Harlow Beck. The skeleton was related to the pirates day treasure trail..
The Website says it is an experimental garden to see what can grow in the Yorkshire Climate.The frost tender ones will be removed and over wintered.I think it was a lush looking display with many interesting leaf shape and sizes.There was an Australian Eucalyptus tree with its blue leaves (reminded me of Sydneys Blue Mountains which glow blue from the trees when seen from a distance).
Joe Swift from Gardeners world would love this with the varied Palms, Elephant ears, T Rex monster plant, and Banana plants.
The Dahlias fitted in well with the Sub Tropical theme.

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