Thursday, August 23, 2007

Four Pig Woodland Regeneration

One of the Emmerdale pigs takes a stroll from his afternoon siesta. There were four pigs in the enclosure brought on holiday to devour some weeds by rooting up the ground, with their snouts I presume. They have been named after the four RHS gardens (Harlow Carr, Wisley, Rosemoor, and Hyde Hall).
Unlike the nursery rhyme these were large pigs, three slept in the enclosure, dozing in the sunshine with only their ears twitching.
The four Saddleback pigs have been brought in to work the land above the Queen Mothers Lake in preparation for Trees for life Scheme planting two and a half acres of Woodland.
They will plant 3000 tree's in the Autumn. It will be an area of sustainable woodland, which Harlow Carr has a lot of already started off many years ago.
I cannot find much information on the use of pigs to help root out weeds. I read they are naturally woodland orientated and use their snouts to forage for tasty roots. The only information was academic studys of wild pigs in California Oak forests. The places in Europe that have wild boars have better selection of Oak tree's. The foraging habit somehow makes the woodland more vibrant. Britain probably hunted its wildboars to extinction.
Its funny how the further forward we go the more we look back in time.I will see how the woodland develops, and whether they put some pig statues in it to remind them of who cleared the land prior to the planting!

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