Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pirates and Pigs

The Sun was shining all day at Harlow Carr. The Gardens had made it a pirates day, inspired by the Whale and Mermaid borders pirate ship. Lots of head scarfs, eye patches, and cutlasses were in evidence. The tail end of two family weeks, for families with children. They moved around the gardens today on a treasure hunt.
It was a Beautiful English summers day after three months of rain almost constantly. Its the first time we have been too hot there :)
The third time visit brought more suprises, discovering new hidden features, and restful places within the gardens.
The Pigs from Emmerdale (A quintessential British soap opera set in a Fictitious Yorkshire village) have been brough to Harlow Carr on holiday. They are being used as living weeding animals to clear the ground for a new tree plantation. They will eat all the weeds and roots. It is an old method of clearing an area prior to development.
They were basking fitfully in the sun in their enclosure, at the top end of Harlow Carr previously closed off by barriers.
I took my rose pictures for the David Austin competition.Now need to decide which ones to enter and which ones to Blog.
I said I would not take many photos...oops my will power crumbled and i took 238 :)
More posts soon...

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