Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lilac and Egg colour

I am back in the Daylight after my week of nights. The plants were left to grow on with me half looking at them through sleepy eyes.
Pictured is the Streptocarpus Unknown variety from Hils kitchen windowsill.
It has furry leaves like an african violet, but sent the red furry flowering stems up with cone like buds.
These have opened up to reveal three or four flower buds.
The Lilac coloured flower has white and yellow coloured inside, egg white and yoke like within the flower tube.
They are striking flowers, and seem to last a longer time than the Streptocarpus Nerys, I bought from Harlow Carr garden centre.
There are two further Streptocarpus growing on from the plug plants I bought at Tatton Park.These are the Orangey/red Happy Snappy variety, and their new Dark purple coloured Black Panther.
They have travelled a way from the Drakensborg mountains of South Africa, in Wooded glades and Valleys. Mine seems to love the well lit, but no sunshine windowsill.
I will photograph them when they flower the Juvenile Streptocarpus plug plants.


lisa said...

"Happy Snappy" variety? How positively appropriate!

David (Snappy) said...

Lisa, Hil's gave me that plug plant after she bought Six Varieties.It made me smile.I hope it flowers soon.The leaves are growing steadily away :)