Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday Night

The Annual Lavatera flower with its raspberry ripple ice cream look, slightly hypnotic with the curved pink petals.
Today has been a Flat cleaning day, with only one trip out to the local shop to catch some sunshine.
I have a few more posts to do from Mums garden. The tree's, the Bee's and butterflys, and wild flowers growing wild on the edges of the garden.
It was a great week, and I felt some sadness to come back to the flat. After a week outside in the sun and wind everything seems enclosed.
I need to find more gardens to do, maybe some Voluntary work to get me outside when im not working.
Back to work Tomorrow, on Seven nights. I shall dream of the garden, the birds, and the beautiful Cotswolds.
Hope to return to Harlow Carr too after my nights to see whats growing.


Digital Flower Pictures said...

Some day I grow one of these flowers. It is one of the most dramatic that I have seen (for something not exotic). You captured it well.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Chris,Thanks for the comment.I will see if Mum can collect the seeds for this plant, and send them to you.The colours were very bright, compared to the cooler pink of the Shrub Lavatera.The Annual was a four foot tall mass of leaves and bright pink flowers.
I get ideas from your blog of how to photograph the smallest detail to overall pictures.