Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Hot Bed

The mystery everlasting flower. They were grown from seeds from an orange flower but came up in all shades of pink and red. Strange genetics at work here.

I loved the colours of this pansy, almost see a face in it..

Summer flowering Pansys in dark purple and red shades, by the nasturtium flower..

Snapdragons grown from seed in shades of red, white, and pink. I love Snapdragons and they smelt like Candy. Yum yum..

A crocosmia with a fly, this was hard to photograph as it was right in the back of the border.I leaned into the border with my camera. Love the colours and the flower shape.

A present to Mum from my sister. I moved it to the edge so the wind was visible when the flowers were turning..the daisy type flowers are like my white border flowers.

Dwarf Sunflowers flowered away in the top left hand corner. They are lovely to look at on a sunny day. Mum had a wall picture in the house with a field full of sunflowers. I bought one once in Newquay from an Artists cooperative shop.

The flame coloured Crocosmias lit up the far side of the Hot Bed..

The mystery everlasting flower mentioned below. What is its proper name anyone?

A traditional favourite the brightly coloured Nasturtium...

Mums Raised bed that she called the Hot bed. The original idea was to have lots of reds, and oranges in it. Volunteer plants given to her gave some cooler pinks though. The mysterious everlasting flowers. They had almost plastic feeling petals that came out from the tightly packed centre.I want to know if anyone knows what these flowers are.They can be used as dried flowers.The everlasting flower petals must be long lasting because they dont wilt like normal soft petals.


Kerri said...

David, the Everlasting flower is called Helichrysum. I can see where you get your love of gardening. Mine came from my mum too :)

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Kerri, you must have been reading back through my posts.I have some Helichrysum seeds from Mums.My garden will have some everlasting flowers.Me and mum both have gardeners blood in our veins.Its great when you can share a passion and a bond from it :)