Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Seedling plant

Fran brought me this Spider plant back from her holiday at the Caravan in Skipsey. Chlorophytum Comosum, the original Spider plant.
When I was much younger the first plant I looked after and grew was a spider plant.I cant remember who we got it off but the plants were grown from the hanging baby plants that it produces.
Chloros is greek for green (like Chlorophyll, the green pigments within leaves) and Phytos is greek for plant.
They have narrow leaves with cream and yellow stripes, and are good for cleaning air pollution.
They like Sun or partial shade, but like occasional misting. They grow quick and may need repotting a few times a year. Overwatering will kill them so they like the soil to dry out between times.
They like being fed once a week from spring to late summer. Mine has a lot of brown tips to its leaves at the moment.
From Spider plants I moved on at university to other plants, getting the Doctor A.G.Hessayon book about house plants, still a classic textbook for houseplant care.
I moved from houseplants to helping Mum do her garden up, watched TV, read books, and started my obsession with gardens.
The seedling plant refers to my starting steps to green fingers and the love of the natural world. I have now come full circle with the Spider plant now on top of the Stereo in the front room.
What is your seedling plant or flower? The first memory of gardens that set you off on the road to gardening and blogging.
I hope this plant grows and develops the baby plants So I can propogate them and spread them to friends and work mates.


Gardenista said...

I think spider plants are a good staple of the houseplant world - everybody needs to have one once!

Rather off topic (but relating to houseplants),have you seen the movie "Hot Fuzz". It's a British film that spoofs some American films and has an ongoing storyline surrounding the lead character's peace lily. I can't see a peace lily anymore without smiling. It's a hilarious movie!

Mountain Mama said...

I've grown Spiders too, but the tips of the leaves always turned brown. I've seen them with many baby plants all hanging down and they really are an interesting plant. I've had some that were solid green as well as varigated.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Gardenista, I have not seen that film yet but I will try to see it now to check out the Peace lilly.I have one growing as well next to the spider plant.I have had a few spider plants but there has been a gap of years since my last one...
Mountain Mama, Thats where my original plant came from a baby one.They are cool in that you can cut them off and they root easily and give a new plant.Perfect for handing them out to family and friends.The Variegated ones (with yellow and white stripes) are maybe cultivated ones.I know you can get plain green leaved ones too.Thanks for your comment :)