Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Real Birds of Paradise

My faithful Under gardener who flew down every day to check on what I had been doing to Mums garden,

The Feathered Garden spirits loved visiting Mums garden. The woodpidgeons, collared doves, crows, robins, magpies, coaltits, and all the others I dont know the name of. On the last day I spotted a large black and red woodpecker but he moved out of camera range to a nearby tree and hid in the Canopy.

The bird table, and bird feeders attracted them. Along with Fatballs the birds kept nipping in for a snack before flying off. The garden in Castleford never attracted the birds like this one.

There was Another visitor however who was not so welcome..I have photographed him in the act of grand theft Nuts.


Anonymous said...

Your "under gardener"is so adorable. How sweet of him to fly down to check up on you.
Anyway, that is a great photo!
I feel autumn in the air, don't you?

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Becky, Its been so wet and miserable the Summer, that a month of Sunshine before the leaves change colour would be good. Glad you liked the Robin.He was inquisitive and watched me all week I think.