Saturday, August 04, 2007

Mums White Border Before and After

I cut the grass too, and had trimmed the border edge. The sun was shining on the last day that I was there too.
I ran out of Bark chipppings, as I didnt know how far a 120 litre bag would go.The long arm of the border is mulched with bark chippings, to suppress weeds, to keep the moisture in the ground, and to keep the roots of the plants well protected. It helps show off my white planted flowers.
An after photo showing the newly dug and planted border with the plants we bought, and the layer of bark chippings I laid down.

The Before picture of the long right sided border, which ran from the Raised Hot Bed to the right hand corner with the huge dog rose shrub overhanging the fence. It was full of weeds and a few plants hidden in the mass of green.

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