Friday, August 17, 2007

Cape Daisy

A Cape Daisy from the other night.Not many of the photos came out well though. Tiredness must cause shaky hands.

The Osteospermum means bone seeds in Latin, and is a popular half hardy Perenniel.

These were growing in a container, whites and pinks flowers. Theres something beautiful in the happy flower faces with the petals, and pollen filled yellow centre.

These lovely flowers will be on my wishlist. Mum used to have purple flowered daisys that were sun worshippers. First thing in the morning they were tightly closed. As the sun warmed up the garden up the purple flowers opened. When the evening came the flowers shut again, ready for the new day.


Anonymous said...

That is so Beautiful. Do you know the name of that variety? I used to grow osteospermum - a white variety with purple center - but yours is superb.

David (Snappy) said...

I will ask Pat what varietys she planted in the pot. They were both healthy looking the white and pink flowers.Thanks for the comment :)