Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Red Angel

I tried tyo upload this picture at 6am but blogger had other ideas. After a fourteen hour day here is my angelic Red Lobelia in flower again. You can nearly see the wings!

Am going to Harlow Carr on Thursday my favourite Garden to see whats growing.I will try to limit my photos to the flowers.

Looking at the blogs post list by keyword Harlow Carr has fifty plus :)

I actually have a plan of what to photograph this time. One specific flower species to win some vouchers...will blog that later.

Walking back from work I was struck by how dark it was.Now i know summer is drawing to a close as the light fades earlier. The leaves are all green in the tree's but it was overcast and quite windy. A slight chill in the air.The seasons here are gradual changes, slow and imperceptible.

Another Long day tomorrow before Harlow Carr on Thursday.Cant wait :)

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