Saturday, August 25, 2007

Return to Rose Revolution

The Rose revolution borders flanking the main path.The Purple coloured drifts are Verbena Bonarensis. I have seen these everywhere from Tatton Park show gardens, to Cheltenham, to Hils plant stall, to Harlow Carr.They give height and the flowers are airy.

Rose Sheperdess with some nice contrasting purple daisys..

Rose Harlow Carr, just need smells for computers so you can smell it..

The Delicate Rose Wild Eve, a pink/white cross..

Rose Mary Rose, named after Henry VIII's Flagship that sank after it was launched...

The Red/purple rose Falstaff, its my favourite colour. Pure Romance Red Roses, and it had a nice fragrance.
Rose Lady Emma Hamilton, the most outstanding strongly fragranced rose we saw.I could smell it for hours to try and discern what it smelt of :)

Rose Falstaff looking more crimson in this picture. The Verbena Bonarensis is out of focus behind it..

Rose Brother Cadfael, A fictional detective character I think... This is a selection of the David Austin Roses in the main rose revolution border at Harlow Carr.I sent off my fifteen best photos to their competion. Fingers crossed. These are some of the not selected ones. Even in August they look sumptuous, and smelled divine.
My favourite Fragrant rose was Lady Emma Hamilton, Nelsons mistress, and my Namesake.It was strongly scented, and a beautiful peach colour. If i win some vouchers that rose will be on my shopping list.
They have been in flower from June to August, the Shrub roses. The Verbena Bonarensis, and Cottinus were counterplanted, along with Echinacea's and grasses.

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