Monday, August 20, 2007

Seven Random Things

I was Tagged by Michelle from my Grandpa's garden ( ) over a month ago about Seven Random things, that have been criss crossing the world between bloggers when they agree to participate in them.

Seven Random facts about me probably not related to gardening but we'll see...

1) I love Frogs, real ones, and collecting ornaments and garden decorations.These two beautys were given to me by Hils. My collection has dissapeared so I am starting it again.If my new house when I get it has a big enough garden I want a pond that will attract some Frogs.I met a frog last year in my garden as he was hopping through the grass.There was no water there so he was just passing.The sudden movement of him jumping from the grass gave me a fright!

2) Snappycroc is one of my old nicknames, for being grouchy when tired.I have tried to mellow out now though as life is too short...My other nickname is Dids short for Didakoi.An old slang for gypsy and one of the books I read at school. I dont remember why the teacher thought I was gypsy like but it stuck. I thought Snappys Gardens Blog was a unique name.I would not change it now as the name Snappy is easy to remember.

3) I have moved around the Country a lot, and have lived in a wide variety of towns and citys. My Dad was in the Army so the pattern of moving was set early.I was born in Swindon (maternity hospital but left soon after), consider Cheltenham my home town as I lived there the longest period of time for 10 years. I have lived in Hendon, Woolwich, Aldershot, Barlby, Gloucester twice, Cheltenham, Bristol, York, Aberdeen, Castleford, and Wakefield now.My accent is very BBC, as nowhere has effected my speech for long enough.Most people think its a London accent..

4) My family have come from two areas of outstanding Beauty in England.My Dads Family came from Yorkshire, Pickering and Whitby. They were cliff top miners, using explosives to mine some stone from sheer cliff walls.I have a picture from Nans house of Bluebell woods and a stonehouse farm cottage.This was where my Nan grew up with all her sisters in Pickering.

Mums Family were all from Gloucestershire. Heart of the Cotswolds, with beautiful cotswold stonewall, beautiful planting of flowers, and the countryside, a rural heartland.

The wild rugged beauty of Yorkshire, and the Countryside of Gloucestershire may have shaped me in my green fingered passion. Gardening must run through my blood and genes!

5) My Favourite drink is Coffee.I drink gallons of the stuff.It is what keeps the NHS running, especially through nightshifts. Coffea Arabica is the main plant grown. I am waiting for a friend to send me some coffee beans through the post to try and grow a coffee plant. Not for the beans though (its not high enough altitude here), but for the hell of trying to grow it :)

6) One of my posts was about that iconic piece of American Kitch the plastic Pink Flamingo. My late Grandparents took me to Flamingo world in North Yorkshire. I have a Flamingo ornament I bought from London zoo. It is sat by my computer now as I write. I love their colour, and seeing tens of thousands in East African salt lakes is truly a wanderful site to see. Would love to go one day to see wild Flamingoes!

7) Since I have been gardenless I have been reading more books about gardening, and magsines than before. I sometimes used to buy the gardeners world magasine and watch the tv on friday night for the programme gardeners world.I have a TV which sits switched off all the time.I would much rather be outside in the sunshine/rain/wind/snow than indoors.When i am finally in my new garden I will be more outside than in. Untill then I will keep reading and help in other peoples gardens just to feel the soil on my hands. Keeping my gardening blood flowing sap like through my veins.

There you have Seven Random things about me.I will think about who to Tag next.I will pick smaller blogs. Some people were quite anti Memes and lists.They are quite harmless and fun, and I guess if you dont want to do them you will ignore it.

The blogosphere needs the community building that memes create. Like spiders webs stretching from coast to coast and country to country.


Colleen Vanderlinden said...

I enjoyed reading your seven random things. I did this one a couple of months ago. Nice to know I'm not the only one slugging back gallons of coffee ;-)

lisa said...

I enjoyed your list, Snappy! I know all about being crabby when tired, and coffee is my "lifeblood" as well.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Colleen,Nice new profile photo.I am glad you enjoyed reading my seven things list.Had to think what can I tell people about myself that they dont already know :)
Hi Lisa,Im a two mugs of coffee in the morning before I can function.I love my coffee (its a long standing joke at work my consumption of the coffee).Glad you enjoyed the list.

Gardenista said...

Hello Snappy,
I should send our frogs to your place! Every time the lawn is mowed we lose a few in a tragic way...I'm glad I don't mow the lawn!

About the questions on my blog, I keep the peat pots crammed together in plastic trays so that their sides are never exposed to the air, otherwise they dry out. I use a heating mat under the peppers. They may like heat to germinate. Oh, and you can see the morning glory color here (July 14) They are a lovely blue!

LostRoses said...

Snappy, those are some pretty fascinating things and your background tells me gardening does indeed "run in your blood." The image of your Nan and her sisters running around a bluebell wood and living in a stone farm cottage sounds like the stuff of fairy tales. British ones!

Here's hoping you'll soon have your own garden to work in with plenty of frogs hopping about!

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Gardenista,im glad you dont do the mowing if the frogs get mowed over.I can try the peat pots with your idea now, as mine were too airy and dried out taking all the soil moiusture.I will check out the morning glory pics too..
Hi Lostroses,I saw the paper clipping that Nan had in her purse when that same stone cottage came up for Sale.Maybe one day I will go to Pickering to try and find it.
I hope i have a garden soon.It does run in the blood i think :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Snappy, I really enjoyed reading your list of facts and finding out why you called your blog Snappy's Garden Blog. Thanks for sharing.
Sara from farmingfriends