Thursday, August 23, 2007

Harlow Carr Bound

After two long days at work I have today off.It sunny at the moment with a blue sky.I am getting Hils to drive us to Harrogate.

The camera is loaded with newly charged batterys. I have been offered another garden to do up from someone at work. I will go to see what needs doing there soon.

The Itinerant gardener travels far and wide to indulge the passion of gardening, spreading a little joy and magic as he goes.
Pictured is the Clary, Salvia Viridis. I love the purple and blue leaves growing from the main stem. I think they would be great border plants. They grow in shades of purple, white, and pink.
I only have the one plant that is on the windowsill. How much better would it look in a garden with its roots in soil?
I got some photos yesterday from Snapfish. Online developers of digital images.I wanted to see the large 10x8 print size. I picked nine photos to be enlarged, and they were all lovely. A guy wanted some prints of my blog photos. I think that size is quite good for printing and framing.
Has Anyone ever had requests for a blogged photo for prints?

I have some target plants today to photograph for a photography competition.The prizes are £100 in vouchers (to buy plants off course).
Snappys garden blog is sending me to new places, enabling me to meet people from all over the world, which is totally unexpected from when it started two years ago.

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