Friday, August 31, 2007


From Harlow Carr one leave changing colour. The hedgerows on the long causeway are full of berrys, and the shrubs outside my ward are slowly changing the leaf colour.
It is getting Darker Earlier, and the sun is rising later. The season is changing gradually, and sometimes imperceptibly.
I love Autumn leaves, and golden trees, kicking through leaf piles. The USA calls it Fall, as in the leaves change colour and fall.
I love all seasons but Autumn is always a highlight of the year, especially in places with lots of trees.


Dirty Fingernails said...

Some of us call it Autumn as well here in the states.. It must be our English Heritage that keeps that term around..:) Today starts the three nights in a row at work.. For some reason work doesn't interest me right now.. How about you?

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Dirty fingernails,I love the changing of the seasons and the blog records my observations.I love Autumn colour and the coldness of the air.
Work is full of talk of the garden projects we can do on the week off after the seven nights.
I observe a lot walking to and from work..

Andrea's Garden said...

You are so right! I just commented on that in my blog as well today. Autumn is right around the corner. Well, as long as winter waits a bit. :-) Greetings from Germany, Andrea

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Andrea,thanks for your greetings.Its good to know I am not the only person who notices the changes in the trees, weather, and plants.Winter can wait a bit...