Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April Days

Its April and its amazing how much is growing and blooming in the garden.I thought I would share five photos that I have taken recently showing whats growing in the garden. The first photo is of the Geum Orange which is flowering by the pond. It has a warming quality with its golden orange flowers. I love the leaves which are vibrant as they dance in the breeze.

The second photo is of the Apple Tree blossoms. The cold winter and strong winds have damaged the flower buds I think. There are only three fruiting spurs like this one. I hope to have enough Braeburn Apples to make an Apple pie. I hope next year will bring more Apples. There is no pressure on this tree now.I wander if it would be better in the ground rather than in a pot?

This photo shows my Sage plant that I grew from seed. It is two years old now and growing beautifully.I love the strong smell of the crushed leaves. I am growing more Sage for companion planting at the allotment.It has pretty flowers too, as well as tasting good with onion in stuffing.

My Lilac Tree is flowering away and the scent is absolutely divine.Its almost good enough to eat. Like a sweet candy smell. I am constantly smelling the flowers, and inhaling the perfumed scent.I love scented plants and flowers.Emotions can be stimulated by the nose.

The Choisya has been put into a pot. The winter was harsh and it damaged the plant leaves and buds. It must be a warm blooded plant and hates the frost and ice!

I loved the dainty white flowers. They smell like warm almonds, almost like a freshly baked Bakewell Tart. The variegated Choisya died but this one is hanging on. The scented flowers make up for the damaged leaves and not very good looks. I hope that it will regrow with vigour and that the plant will revive.

We went to Wolverhampton today to visit David Austin Roses.I will blog about that tomorrow.I love the fullness of April Days.

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Jean Campbell said...

My mother used to grow her own culinary sage. Her dressing (you call it stuffing) was the best.