Monday, April 11, 2011

Yellow n Green

This sumptuous Tulip has flowered over the past few days. I cannot remember the name of the variety. I buy multiple plants and bulbs across time. The names get lost and slowly I forget them. This is a mixture of green and yellow.
It contrasts to the emerald green Aquilegia below, and the Black leaved Sambucas above. The sun was shining when i took the photo.

I went to the allotment this morning and did more digging, and built a wigwam for my Runner Beans.

It was more grey today and rained a little. I enjoyed the solitude and peace of the allotment.

Later I went shopping for a new garden fork. I broke mine digging up a 20 kilo stone post from the plot. It is sat proudly now by the shed as a feature. The post has mostly rotted away.

I bought a book of Herbs, and a guide to keeping Bee's. I think books can be instructive when nobody you know can teach you.

I have planted three large pots of Asiatic Lily's and placed them by the front door on either side of the steps. They will provide a shot of colour hopefully by the Fifth of June.

A little later I will take Cat into the night garden to look for Newts by Torchlight. I am tired after my three days of allotment digging.

Tomorrow is the garden mission with Fran.

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