Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding day

It was the Royal Wedding today.I watched for five hours before it was all over.I loved the Field Maples and Hornbeam Trees lining the aisle in Westminster Abbey.They looked magnificent under the grand Gothic arches.I wish the best to Prince William, and Kate Middleton, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
After the pomp and ceremony I went out into the garden to water the greenhouse plants.I took my camera and snapped a few photos around the garden of flowers. This Aquilegia is just flowering today.I love these flowers in their myriad of colours.It is a prolific self seeder so I should see generations of these year after year.I love the burgundy colour of the spurs.

Growing in a pot on the Outside Table is this Pelagonium Choco.It has beautiful dark burgundy flowers, and it is thriving.I bought two Pelagoniums at the Spring Flower Show.Its sister plant is lemon scented (almost like lemon sherbet actually) and has pink flowers with facial markings.I found some beautifully decorative pots for displaying these beauties where we sit in the sunshine.

The last photo is of the Geum Orange flowering by the pond.I spotted the Frog today in the daytime.He is getting braver slowly.Cat even managed to stroke him one night for a while before he hopped into the depths of the pond.Our Water Lily is nearly breaking the surface of the water.I put it in a basket and lowered it to half the full depth of the pond.I have been watching the Water Lily's leaves slowly grow upwards towards the sunlight.I hope that Frogs will sit on them or under them.The Wildflowers are starting to bloom in earnest.I sowed a mix last year so need to find my wildflower book to identify what we have.I love the idea of it regrowing year after year with different flowers emerging each year.I hope that Butterflies and Bees fly to the nectar rich Wildflower area of our garden.

I put the Trellis attached to long canes, into the Honeysuckle pot so the two plants can grow up and away.The left hand plant is double as vigorous as its sibling plant.One has white flowers, whereas the other has red flowers.I hope they will both flower this year.

The birds have been flying in and out of the garden all day.I noticed today that the Aphid explosion on the Lupins has been ended.I saw two House Sparrows flying onto my David Austin Roses to eat all the pesky Aphids.They have demolished the Lupin aphids for me.A fringe benefit of attracting wildlife to your garden.

I need to prick out lots of Everlasting Flowers, and Asters in the greenhouse.I will have a garden full of those flowers by the summer.Cats plug plants have not arrived yet.I plan to do our hanging baskets with those when they come.She has found her green fingers this year too with her pot grown Herbs. They are doing magnificently.

I'm off tomorrow so I think it will be a few hours at the allotment weeding and watering.the Greenhouse grown veg are all growing slowly.I will have loads of Tomatoes and Hopefully some productive Chili Plants.

The sunshine and birds singing inspires me to get out into the garden daily to see whats growing and blooming.Each new day brings fresh suprises or colours.

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