Wednesday, April 06, 2011

April Sunshine

I was finally off work today and able to get outside into the garden. We have decided to get a builder to lay down a concrete base, near the shed for the greenhouse to be moved to. When the plastic covered greenhouse has been finished with, I will buy a glass one to sit on the concrete base. I love how the colours of flowers can compliment like the Yellow Daffodil, and the Orange Tulip. Colours can be similar or contrasting. As plants grow they seem to draw the eye to them in certain combinations. I like the colours of these two together.Like a pair of professional dancers together at Blackpool. The sun was shining today and the sunlight illuminated the Tulips like Chinese Lanterns. These looked like the ones from the Disney film Entangled. I can imagine these floating up, up, and away. The late planted Tulips have grown on really well so some of those may flower too this year. I want my Queen Of The Night Tulips to flower. Fingers crossed! Growing on in a rectangular planter on the path is this Double flowered Daffodil. It is unique as all the others in the garden are single flowered. At the Autumn Flower Show I will try to look for double flowering Daffodils as they are very pretty. This one is gorgeous to look at.
This was the garden in the top corner at the end of today. We had to move the pots from the side of the shed, and move the full compost bin across the garden onto the path to join the first one. It was full of black gold (Compost), and funnily even some small potatoes that had sprouted from the Potatoes in there. The material near the top that was not composted down got moved into the left hand bin. The stuff that was nearly composted went into the right hand bin.

We are having a concrete step built as well on our path to be able to sit two water butts snugly to collect water from the sheds down pipe which currently just runs into the ground.

I have about five bags of compost fresh from the bin. This needs putting onto the sunken border or into pots. I'm planning on digging a border that runs along the pathway to be able to plant lots of Asiatic Lily's.

I wanted a watering can for the greenhouse, so I bought the Asda children's red watering can with a Ladybird on the side of it. It works though.

I bought a Frog weather station too, basically a Frog holding a thermometer, and a glass tube to measure rainfall. I would love to keep a gardening diary to refer back to. Dates I sowed seeds, dates the flowers bloomed, and so on. I can start recording temperature and rainfall. I had a surprise visitor in the pond today. The planting around the pond has been altered to accommodate the greenhouse base. I had to move a Teasel and a Echinacea. I looked under the water and saw a flash of movement. It looked like a baby lizard..

It dived from the Norfolk reeds roots to the bottom of the pond. He stayed very still and you could barely see his outlined form. It was a Newt and im so proud that we have attracted one to our little pond! I do not know which kind though.

The reflections of the sky, and overhanging flowers. The ripples that move across the still water. I like looking to see if i can see any beasties floating around the water, or walking across the top. It is good therapy after the stresses of a working week to relax by the pond.

We have put the bench now between the Pond and the Strawberries raised bed. You can sit and watch the flowers in the border, the birds on the feeders, or the still waters of the pond.

Tomorrow I will be sowing seeds, planting Lilys in Pots, digging the path border once the concrete base is laid down. I will goto the allotment to plant Potatoes,Onions, and Garlic . We will collect some free manure tomorrow from a local stables.

I have baked some Double Chocolate Chip Muffins this evening. Time to eat one, drink coffee and relax on the garden bench.

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Anonymous said...

I so love your blog, I read it regularly and check it every other day. It's like therapy to me, a plant lover without a garden...or a blog