Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bluebell Wood

I have spent Easter Sunday at the allotment and in the garden. I weeded, and watered the plot, then planted some Gladiolus bulbs,and sunflower seeds. That took three hours and was cloudy.
I walked back in the sunshineand then spent the afternoon in the garden. I made two Barrel planters up and filled them with Gladiolus and Asiatic Lily's. I re potted my two David Austin roses. Harlow Carr, and Darcy Bussell are now sat in big deep pots on the patio area.
I moved some of the pots around and this combination inspired me to photograph it. The almond scented Mexican Cherry Blossom contrasts against the Bird Of Paradise Tulips. This really is Fire and Ice, in the fading daylight.

I walked through a local park to get to the allotment. The park has a Lake with ducks, and a densely wooded area.This nature place is five minutes from our house. I saw these Bluebells flowering beneath the green cathedrals of deciduous trees new leaves. The light is diffused enough to power this woodland specialists into flowering. People travel miles to see Bluebell Woods. Artists have been inspired to paint woodlands with carpets of Bluebells dancing in woodland glades.

Ours is a woodland strip that runs along a stream.It is surrounded by houses on one side, and rough woodland/scrub on the other. A path runs through it, much loved by dog walkers and cyclists.A playing field and farmers fields border the stream. The Bluebells have naturalised widely in the wooded areas. They are one of the wanders of Spring Bluebells.

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