Sunday, April 03, 2011

First Flush

Today was my one day off in between four long days at the hospital. We went shopping for a memory card for the new camera. I bought canes and twine to help me mark out the allotment beds on Wednesday ready for planting. I bought a six pack of Fuchsia plug plants and flower seeds for sowing. After we had bought four bags of compost from Hampsons we returned home. The gardens grow bag Potatoes were planted at last. Charlotte, and Pink Fir Apple. I repotted the Fuchsias and watered the greenhouse seedlings. I planted some Gladiolus bulbs, and some Abyssinian Gladiolous. Then the rain started to fall so I came back indoors. On Friday the Camellia finally flowered. It was flowerless last year so I'm happy that it has bloomed. It only has three flower buds on it. These are pretty plants with nice glossy leaves and this sumptuous pink flower. I want a white flowered Camellia to grow alongside this one. I'm pleased it has flowered at last. I hope that year on year it gets bigger and has more flowers. Gardeners World talked about Camellias on the day that mine flowered for the first time.The weekend has been productive with seeds bought, bulbs planted, and greenhouse watered. The weather is forecast to be wet until Wednesday.I hope to be productive on Wednesday and Thursday.

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