Monday, April 04, 2011

Tulip And A Surprise

This was the first Tulip of the year to flower in my garden. It is beautifully flamed in orange and yellow stripes. It was growing in the sunken border between the balustrades.

They are available in so many colours and shapes.I'm old fashioned and like Tulips that have the classical bowl shape.

I have been seduced by the Frilly Parrot Tulips though on occasions.

I have planted late Tulips but I do not know if they will flower in my barrel planters this year.

Cat has ordered 150 Plug plants from a Magazine. They will arrive at the end of April i think. They will go into the Barrel planters if the late Tulips are not growing well.

It has been so overcast today and threatened heavy rain.I had a lovely surprise when I came back from work.

A large brown box was sat in the living room. I looked at the label. I was addressed to "David Hamilton".

I thought I have not ordered anything that bulky.I made a coffee and unwrapped the box..

It is 250 Bulbs from the Big Bulb Plant group, with the Eden Project. After blogging about it I registered my email address. I have been one of fifty winners sent free bulbs for planting..

They will need planting very soon in able for them to flower the big lunch in June.The box is packed full of five bags of Asiatic Lily's from Holland.

Now I need somewhere communal to plant them. Originally I thought of planting some pots up for my neighbours on either side. I may have to dream bigger now.


hils said...

You coud plant some in pots to sell at the plant stall...?

Gary said...

Hi David,
Just come across your blog...nice!
As for tulips, I too get seduced by the parrot tulip on occasion. Don't let them pull you in...stay with the classical shape, far more attractive.

Karen Sandler said...

I adore tulips and this is my second year *ever* to actually have them in my own garden. As a tulip newbie, I'm not entirely sure what I've got, but they sure are gorgeous.

I also got a mystery flower this year in my front yard, a volunteer. I had no idea what it was, other than it came from a bulb. My local Master Gardener IDed it for me. If you'd like to take a look, I've got a picture in my blog today:

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Gary for your kind comments.I do love both kinds of Tulips but will predominantly go for the classical ones.

Hi Karen,your Tulips look lovely and the Harlequin plant is exquisite.I love the sight of Tulips and can see why the Dutch coveted them so much. They are like floral Jewels in all their colours and light.
I will read through your blog.I loved the horse post :)