Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cats Dicentra

I have been struggling to have a day off free from digging, or manual labour.I told Cat yesterday I was going to rest today from allotment digging/gardening which is easier said than done.

The photo is of Cats Dicentra or Bleeding Heart.It looked like it had died off over the winter but has regrown with a vengeance. I love this mystical Eastern perennial shrub with its pendulous flowers like a string of pink pearls.

The mystery shrub is still in flower behind it.

I have done a shortlist of images from the Harrogate Spring Flower show which I will share with everyone soon. there were 180 to choose from!

I spent Friday and Saturday digging the final section of the allotment. I blistered my calluses and damaged my cuticles on my left hand. The marking out can be done on Wednesday. The plants for the allotment are still being grown in the greenhouse.

I find it extremely hard to sit down for long.I have mulched the sunken border with some of last years potato compost. I planted my Chinese Peony, and potted up the two Pelagoniums from the flower show.

We went for a walk around Pugneys lake today, braving the crowds and flies. We saw two Herons in the bird sanctuary lake, and four Swans.

I have actually sat with Cat this afternoon on our black table and chairs sunning ourselves, and watching the Birds flying in and out of the garden.For a while anyway.

We were visited by a cute fluffy Black Kitten who rolled around on our paving slabs before running off. He/She is nameless at the moment.

I wander if the act of gardening is always dynamic and moving around a garden. Doing jobs and enjoying the doing of them. Sitting still seems to be an antithesis of gardening!

I must learn how to sometimes enjoy the peace and tranquility that the garden has when you sit still in it.


The Garden On Loch Ness said...

Just discovered your blog - great reading :) looking forward to reading more. Are you on blotanical?
I too find it very hard to just go and sit in the garden, it is only ever the guests who sit on the garden benches.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Southern California

I am your newest follower. I invite you to visit my blog and become a follower.

God bless you and have a nice Easter :-)


Unknown said...

Guys your blog is amazing! Just discovered it. Your garden is really beautiful. Looking forward to more updates over the summer. I have just started on my gardening adventure (and I only have a balcony), and I've started a blog to follow my progress
Hopefully I can get some tips from you guys!