Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sunshine And Shopping

This is the pond today surrounded by the Wildflower area.I sowed more wildflower mix around the pond area.I hope it will be covered in beautiful flowers which will attract Bees and Butterflies.

I was off work today and spent the day with Cat seeing Arthur at the Cinema (With Russel Brand)and some shopping.

I bought a new fan shaped trellis to grow up the two honeysuckles that grow by the backdoor,new Oriental Stargazer Lily Bulbs,Pea and Strawberry netting, and some Supports to hold netting to protect our garden grown Strawberries.

I bought a new garden tea light holder that is very Art Deco with coloured glass panels, and hand painted flowers on the lid.I will illuminate it with tea lights.I also bought a canvas painted with Lilac flowers and leaves from a Lilac Tree.

I have just done my night time torch light patrol of the pond.My little Frog was sat chilling on the pond grass.He has seen Me for the past few nights.I read on a Wildlife site to look at Newts in the pond at night when they are active.I wanted to see the Newts swimming around.I heard the Owls across the road in the woodland corridor shrieking and flying around.A Barn Owl I think.

I have one more day to work before three days off.Friday is the Royal wedding which I am looking forward to.I will do more gardening, and get back to the allotment.

Today I saw the first Butterfly of the year in our garden.It flew off before I could get my camera from inside the house.Every day is a pleasure to go out into the garden to see what is growing, what is blooming, and what wildlife I can see close to the house.When the sun is shining I am very happy.

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Anonymous said...

Your pond is looking great now.

I have been very neglectful of my patch but spent the entire long weekend down there - embarrassed by neighbours daughters "Mrs. Heedy your gardin looks so pritty wiv all dose dan dee lions."

I was pleasently surprised by how much spinach and chard has survived, not to mention the herb garden.