Friday, April 15, 2011

Pieris And Plans

The Spring flower show yesterday was amazing well attended. There were tens of thousands of people at the Yorkshire show ground.

I had a shopping list of Chocolate Cosmos and some Dahlias.

I came back with treacle toffee, Irish cream Toffee, a watercolour print of Daffodils, a pot to grow of Scotch Bonnet Chilli's, Four Dahlia roots,a Chinese Tree Peony, and three Tiger Lily's.We bought some metal curved supports (for the Cabbages at the allotment to hold a net over them to stop Pigeon strike), and more metal supports from the same lady to grow podded peas here in the garden. We bought the two most cumbersome willow wigwams too for growing our Sweet Peas up in the garden. The would not fit on the bus that drives you back to the car park area at the Yorkshire showground.I got them stuck in the bus aisle.

The photo shows this lovely flamed Pieris. This was growing in the garden when we moved in nearly a year ago. It has grown beautifully and has masses of the red flamed leaves around the top of the plant.

It looks like an erupting volcano.Sunlight illuminates the red leaves like a stained glass window.

The birds are flying into the garden to investigate the new willow wigwams. They have sprouting growth all over them. I hope they do start growing.

I am going to the allotment today laden down with boxes and bags. The last area needs digging over and being marked out. I want to sow some Carrots today too and plant the Runner Beans around my A frame up at the allotment. The runner beans are grown from my own seed, grown in Yorshire Clay at my first allotment.I sowed the seeds in the greenhouse.They are looking lovely with lots of root growth beneath sail like leaves.

I will do a Spring Flower Show post once i have sorted out the photos.

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