Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Garden Photo April 2011

This was the garden a few days ago.Pictured is the greenhouse on the new concrete base.

The water butts are sat on the concrete step built up along the path.

The Potato grow bags,Hostas and Roses are visible along the path.

My Rose Bench is sat on the right hand side between the sleeper strawberry bed and the pond. The Bird feeders are visible in three places.

The difference between the new and old fence panels is clear.

The planting in the sunken border where the Tulips are has grown more solid. A few weeks ago there was a lot of bare soil. The plants have started to knit together in a quilt pattern of colours and textures.

The David Austin roses still need to be potted up.I spent the day at the allotment today marking out the beds with canes and string. I planted Parsnips and Peas. I put up five foot canes for the Raspberries to have some supports.I planted a small bed of Asiatic Lily's next to the Rhubarb.The sun was blazing hot.

Once I finished at the plot I had to water all the plants in the greenhouse. It was a stifling 32 degrees Centigrade inside.The soil is drying up very rapidly inside.

I'm back to work tomorrow. I have done most of the allotment work until the greenhouse grown plants are bigger.I can concentrate on making the garden ready for summer on Good Friday and Easter Sunday


Gary said...

Hi David,
Sounds like you have been really busy, what with the garden and the allotment. All looking good and sounding ready for the summer though.

Single Gal said...

I like the way you have everything arranged.

Everything looks so nice and neat and organized.