Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cherry Blossom

I spent the day yesterday helping Fran Spring Clean a friends garden.It was just in need of some tender loving care.We weeded the borders, paths, and secret garden at the far end sheltered by conifer trees beyond a Clematis covered arch.

We planted some Narcissus, Lupins, Dahlias, Peacock Orchids, Asiatic Lilys, and four multicoloured Hebes.

The garden was double the size of ours. What I loved was there were six full size trees at the back of the garden. Two were growing through a former aviary. There was farmers fields at the back of the garden (alas the famous Goats and Donkey were not in residence in the field). The birds were singing as we spent the afternoon gardening with lots of coffee breaks.

In the centre of the lawn was this beautiful Cherry Blossom tree.The pink or white blooms explode around the end of March and start of April giving a spectacular floral show for a few weeks.

They are beautiful Trees and it shows you the light days are getting longer, and the temperature is rising slowly.

I know in Japan they usually celebrate with picnics and party's in Public spaces beneath the beautiful cherry scented blooms. After they finish flowering it rains down like confetti.

I thought that this year they would not be in a party mood after the recent disaster. I read today that it is still going on:

The Cherry Blossom can still heal the soul. I wish our garden was bigger so we could have one in our garden. I would look forward to it flowering every year, and celebrate its blooms.

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