Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Japanese Yellow Rose

One of the most beautiful plants in the garden at the moment is this Kerria Japonica. It has these yellow cheerleader Pom pom flowers.

It is also called rather sweetly the Japanese Yellow Rose, as it is in the Rose family.

I took this photo of the Kerria, looking down the long stems. They started off bare and green, and miraculously developed leaves and flowers. This could do with being planted in the ground instead of in a pot.

The yellow flowers always make me smile. They are middle to late Spring Time flowers.

The flowers on mine look like a cascade rolling down into an emerald green pool.

I have been added to the Dobbies British Blogs written on their blog. The link is :

Today I will sow some flower seeds, and Sunflowers. I'm making the neighbours pots up for the Big Bulb Plant scheme. They will have a beautifully planted pot outside their front doors to enjoy the Asiatic Lily's.

I'm on a gardening mission this afternoon with Fran. I will take my Camera to record some of the mission..

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