Thursday, April 07, 2011

Fragrant Floral Mystery

The photo is of a mystery shrub that was growing in the garden when we moved here. I potted it in a Grecian urn but replanted it this year. It has glossy leaves and these white flowers that smell quite sweet. It is sat between the Sage, Catnip six hills Giant, and the Camellia.
It has these packed flower buds in the centre of the leaves rosettes. I think it was happy to escape from the pot and get its roots down into the soil.

The Greenhouse is full of new growth today. The Chilli's are finally germinating, as well as the Tomato Outdoor girl. The Borage has germinated and started to grow.

In the cold frame the Parsley finally has germinated. All four pots now have Herbs growing in them. Parsley, Chives, Basil, and Coriander.

I went to the allotment today and finally planted my Potatoes! Rocket first early, and Maris Piper Main crop. I planted a bed of Garlic, and lastly a bed of White Onions. I also marked out the Sweetcorn bed ready for manuring next week.

When I got back to the house the Greenhouses new concrete base has been finished. We have to wait until Monday to be able to put things on it. The paths top step has also been done, making a level step for our two water butts to run off the shed.

Things are gathering pace on both the plot, and in the garden. Back to work tomorrow.I will be gardening again over the weekend.


hils said...

Is it a japonica?

Jean Campbell said...

When I don't know a plant, I eliminate the things I know it isn't. I do not think this is Sweet Box (sarcococca) nor Tea Olive (osmanthus). Is it Daphne?