Sunday, June 06, 2010

WildFlowers And Walton Plant Stall day

The grass outside the front door has a small selection of interesting wild flowers growing. I wanted to photograph all the plants that were within ten steps of the door. Closest to the door is this Buttercup. Much loved in childhood as you held the buttercup under your chin to see if you liked butter. If it reflected yellow you did..

These are the most unusual flowers I have seen. These are about five steps from the front door. The front is covered in these Orange Dandelions? I could not find them in my Wildflower book. They are a striking orange colour and at the moment the grass is covered in an orange haze, as they are flowering en masse.

This photo shows the mystery wildflower. If anyone knows what these are called I would be grateful to know.
Its amazing how simple wildflowers (or weeds if you don't like them) can grow naturally in man made environments. I am always amazed at the complexity of ordinary flowers, and how well adapted they are to surviving adverse conditions, and propagating themselves by making seeds.
Its the plant stall today. All the hard work of Hils and her friends tending plants culminate today. I enjoy selling the plants on a stall.It looks grey this morning, and I hope it does not rain too much. I'm just waiting for Cat to come back from work to take me to Walton.
I hope we raise lots of money for the Walton Charity's Committee. The proceeds of this and a Vegetable/Jam/Cake auction in August helped pay for xmas meals for the Elderly and other younger groups. Its amazing how the simple act of raising plants can benefit others. I will do another post later today...


Liz said...

Your mystery is Fox and Cubs

David (Snappy) said...

Thank you Liz!You have helped me out..