Saturday, June 05, 2010

Four Week Flowers

The garden continues to develop every day. New flowers appear as old ones fade. These are a selection of photos taken in the third week since we moved in of plants in flower.
The Mexican frog planter with the Campanula Pink Octopus in it, is overlooked by the purple Aliums. These looked fantastic when they were in perfect form a week ago. The purple flowers form a complete sphere levitating over the pots below. These are now turning into seed heads as the flowers have been attracting Bee's. I want to buy more at the Autumn flower show. A mixture of white and purple Aliums will look spectacular.

These Pansys were in pristine condition a week ago before the sun scorched the plant. They are always like watercolour paintings. Each flower is slightly different from its neighbour and have a beauty inherent in their random splashes of colours. I often see faces smiling at me on the colourful petals. I love the purple, white, and yellow of these flowers. These were survivors from last years original Summer Pansys and were brought in a small three inch pot.

The Lavenders have survived the move and three out of four have upright flowers now. These will hopefully attract some Bee's and Butterflies. I love the smell of Lavender. It is relaxing, medicinal, and antiseptic all at the same time. A garden is not complete without some Lavender plants perfuming the air as you brush past them.

These Mimulus were self seeders (volunteers), and have flowered in the planter box next to my Frog watering spike. They are very attractive flowers, with a furry yellow throat down to the nectar inside the flower. There were also orange Mimulus but they did not self seed as well.

These Aquilegias were in flower when I bought them. They are such an heirloom flower with their intricate petals, and long spurs. I hope all my different Aquilegias will cross to make wonderful new colours and forms year after year. I have three different plants in the raised beds. The other two Aquilegias have not flowered yet.

My Espresso Geranium bloomed within a few weeks of planting it in the raised bed here. The coffee coloured leaves contrast to the lilac coloured blooms. The new garden has been blessed with abundant sunshine, little rain, and my green fingers.
Its the annual Walton Plant stall tomorrow, outside Walton village hall. Hilary has grown most of the plants which we will sell to raise money for the Walton local groups and Charity's. It is my third year of helping Hils set it up, sell the plants, then clearing the tables. I hope the weather forecasters are wrong. They think it will be wet.
I will have more plants when I return from Walton.

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Anonymous said...

I wished we could see your night visitor !!
Now, I like the way you describe your flowers, like your children..

U don't know why but I have problems with the same "lavande papillon" : I have noticed that after 2 years it desapears... so every year I have to take a cutting from the mother foot...

Thanks for the nice photos !

Mounaque - France