Wednesday, June 09, 2010

First Roses Of Summer

Moving house meant that I had to transplant all my Roses into pots. They seemed to have survived being dug up and put into pots. They are sat on the concrete path and alongside it to form a Rose barrier to stop me falling down the one and half foot drop. This first photo shows a David Austin Wisley flower bud. It is light pink in colour. I'm waiting for it to open fully so I can smell the scent.
My Mum sent this to me for Xmas as a bare root Rose. It survived being totally frozen with the cold winter. The entire plant was encased in ice from buds, branches, and stems. Even the soil was a frozen block. The pot was stuck to the paving slab at the old house.
This shows the toughness of the Rose plant. My Fuschias died in the cold.

The most eager Rose to flower was this David Austin Getrude Jekyll rose. She is deep pink, with multiple petals, and a lovely old fashioned Rose scent. I have sniffed the blooms almost daily on my daily walks around the garden. She is in a much too small pot but is putting on a floral show. I had problems with dry soil before so the rose never bloomed to her potential.

The last photo of the Early blooming Roses is either Golden Celebration or Arthur Bell. The labels got wet and the blue paint peeled away taking the name of the Rose with it. They are both yellow Roses, but one is more stronger scented. This is a beautiful Rose to smell. Its petals are very soft and delicate. I sniffed this a lot too on my daily walks.
Roses are some of my favourite flowers in the garden. I think every garden should have at least one. I have six varieties at the moment but I'm sure once the garden is restructured that I will buy more.
The weather here has turned grey and wet. It makes everything look gloomy. The garden birds continue to amuse and fascinate me with their antics and feeding.
My Lupins and Foxgloves are beginning to flower too. The early Bee's are making their way into the garden for the Oriental Poppy, and the Purple flowered Salvias.
I'm hoping to get to the allotment tomorrow. The warm temperature and rain makes everything grow. Especially weeds!

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Anonymous said...

Nice roses ! and the advantage is that you can have some on the walls in case your garden is too small...
The Gertrude Jeckel is wonderfull but all David Austin's collection is an invitation to buy..

Here the foxgloves(digitales) and lupins are still not ready to flower .

Spring is a so nice season ..
Thanks again for the photos

Mounaque - France