Monday, June 14, 2010

Nature Trail And Birmingham Bound

We went for a walk the other day along a nice woodland trail that runs behind the houses across the road from us. I had my camera with me ready to take some photos. The path runs alongside a beck (Yorkshire for Stream) and is quite wild. The flowers that we saw were blooming in a sea of serene green leaves. This umbrella like plant had this insect climbing into its fragrant white flowers to drink the nectar. He is quite striking with his orange and black body against the pale petals.

A humble Buttercup looks stunning at close range. The yellow petals look like shimmering butter. The green centre looks like a Virus RNA model. They are beautiful, simple, but very elegant. They are extremly successfull in propogating themselves with runners and seeds.

Flowering in the hedgerow was this beautiful Dog Rose. Rosa Canina. Pink petals over the intricate stamen in the centre. It smelt faintly Rose like. I love how this Rose clambers through hedges and up Trees and flowers in early June. The flowers disappear soon afterwards for the rest of the year. It a traditional sign of early Summer. The flowers are like pink Ghost Orchids. They make sweet Rose Hips after they have finished flowering.

The pink buds here show more Rose like Structure than the Flower. I love how these everyday Hedgerow/pathway plants and flowers look. I enjoy being outside listening to the birds sing, seeing insects flying around, and admiring the beauty of nature.
We walked softly taking it all in. Bee's drink nectar and we drink natural beauty. I never tire of seeing these things with fresh eyes. Photographing it and writing about it gives other people pleasure too.
I got an email from a lovely lady called Emma who then sent me two free tickets for the Gardeners World Live (GWL) and BBC Good Food Show at the Birmingham NEC which runs from 16th-20th of June.
I never expected to be going to that Flower/Food show so its a bonus. I have bought more rechargeable batteries today ready to power up the camera. I hope to see some gardening celebrities at the NEC and some beautiful flowers.
I will be getting up very early on Wednesday with Cat to get the train to Birmingham. The weather forecast is sunshine. The Saturday Kitchen chef James Martin will be at the Good Food Show too which runs concurrently with the GWL show. Buy a ticket for one and you can gain entry into the other.
It should be fabulous and I will blog about it here.

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Anonymous said...

I also like walking in the wild nature discovering plants which are so common that people forget to admire them.
I have bought a book to learn their names and I find more interesting to say : "oh !du sene├žon" instead of "oh ! a weed".. My future target is to learn the name of the insects..

What a nice present you have got from Emma ! but we also will get your report there and photos...

Mounaque - France