Friday, June 25, 2010

Bugs And Beds

This is my second post today about another of my projects: the allotment.
I have spent the morning at the allotment just weeding and clearing, photographing, and drinking Coffee. I was looking at a Ladybird in the Globe Artichoke when this mini yellow spider ran out of the segments thinking there was some prey sat above him. I was amazed to find him waiting inside the leaves. After I took this he crept between the plates of the Globe Artichoke to wait for his meal.

This shows some of my small plot. The Runner Beans are growing up the Canes. The Courgettes are looking healthy with their pop bottles wedged in to water them. The Cabbages are forming beautifully beneath the Black netting on the left. The Winter Onions are behind the Runner Bean Canes. The Summer Onions are to the right. Behind them all rows of Potatoes are growing on in the dry summer heat.

I have this beautiful Gallardia in flower in my hexagonal planter next to the Shed. It has a little aphid hanging on it too. My allotment has two small planters, a miniture garden for when im away from the new house.
The allotment is always alive with the sounds of the birds and bee's. Insects are running wild. I heard a Woodpecker today, and saw a little Hawk hunting high over the allotment plots. The only sounds was bird song and my scraping Hoe.

The Hot weather has thrown up some problems however. The Carrots have barely germinated, and there seems to be a serious infestation of little white flys on the Swedes, Cabbages, and Broccoli's.What can i plant to stop the White Flys? The Garlic leaves have picked up a Rust infection from somewhere. Why is that?
I am not a Vegetable expert so I will read up and google these problems.I am trying to keep on top of the Weeds, but forgot about the pests. It will be an ongoing struggle to keep them all in check.

Despite the sunburn, nettle and thistle stings, and sweat pouring off me, I love the peace of the allotment. I photographed this magnificent Shield Bug walking down a blade of grass. The allotment plot may be manipulated by me, but nature is always all around me. My camera is a regular companion always ready to photograph Bugs or Beds (Vegetable ones that is).

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Helen Lewis said...

What a nice blog! You must have spent a long time taking picutres of those bugs. But tyour effort was well worth it. Beautiful pictures! I too was out in my garden this morning taking pictures of bees and it must have taken me forever because they keep moving or buzzing around.

Nice meeting you in your blog.