Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fiery Colours And Green Heart

The flowers that are the showiest in the garden are all either red or pink. This is the Oriental Poppy that is finally in flower. It never did anything last year and died back over the winter. This year it is regrown with vigour and put three hirsute flower buds on. These are like green hairy cavemen and look quite decorative.

The centre of the Poppy is like a french Chocolotiers sweet. An Almond dusted in Chocolate sprinklings. I love the breezy petals, like red circus tents. They billow and move in the wind, and have the texture of a fine oriental silk.

In the fourth hanging basket on the static bird feeder station these Petunias are in flower. They are always such gutsy plants blooming away for the whole summer until the first frosts. They just need regular plant feeding, dead heading spent blooms, and a ready supply of water. These look exotic in pink with dark purple veins on the petals. They smell scented too during the evening.

In the big green planter tub there are these Dianthus Jazz Festival (mmm Nice..Jazz). These were bought at the 2009 Walton Plant Stall. They have survived the cold winter and the move and are blooming their socks off now.
They are electric pink, light pink, and white flowers. They all smell like Cloves (Imagine Pomanders). The leaves are very light and airy like ferns. There is a Teasel growing in the middle as the architectural plant.
Already photographed in previous posts are the Gertrude Jekyll Roses (pink coloured), and the Geum Mrs Bradshaw (Crimson red and orange). These strong fiery colours are a recurrent theme running through the green heart of the new garden.

The Football World Cup started yesterday in South Africa. England's first group game is today against the USA. The special relationship will be on hold for ninety minutes of the game. A large amount of team USA already play in the premier league here in England.
England is awash with red and white St Georges crosses. They are on Cars, Shop fronts, Flags on houses, in Windows, and England branded clothes. Cat thinks I'm a marketers dream as I have already bought my England baseball Cap, Key Ring, and Pin Badge. I also bought from Hampsons an England Gnome ready to support our team. Come on England! Who says you cannot combine Gardening and Football?

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