Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Frog Tale

We went to the allotment today and found a big green monster. It was not this glamorous Frog that I found hiding under the black weed guard. It was a large amount of weeds..
Thistles that stabbed me lots, some Bindweed, Couch Grass and Dock Leaves. The warm weather and rain has made everything grow madly. The hedgerows were full of new growth that spilled out onto the lane. Queen Annes Lace and Nettles were very abundent. I also noticed some Himalayan Balsam flowering.
The Potato rows have grown on and needed hoeing between them. I forgot that the rows are thirty feet long and with two sides to hoe that was a lot of weeding. There was a lot of weeds and grasses.
It was baking hot today so we sweated. We stopped to go to Asda to buy a parasol to give us shade. The plot is completely flat and the sun passes over it all day. Nothing casts any shadows to give us shade to sit down in.
Now we have a white parasol (complete with England Motifs) to turn around to give us shade. We also invested in a bottle of spray sun block. It was burning weather today. After several experiences of severe sunburn from the allotment its better to spray it on rather than getting burnt.
We chopped down some of the monster Rhubarb plants, and dug up the last of last years Leeks. There are Courgettes to go into the ground now. I found that the Swede plants had started to grow flowers. These bolting plants were snipped of their flowers. We did not want them going to seed.
The day flew past very quickly. I was given some of Cats Dads Tomato plants. We bought some Snapdragons and Busy Lizzies for the garden but they are just resting in their containers.
After a long day in the sun we went to Nandos for some hot Portugese Piri Piri chicken.Just time to watch Springwatch and the day is nearly over.
I have had a surprise night visitor a few days ago, and we discovered the culprit behind the masses of holes in the planter boxes and tubs. I will reveal more tomorrow.


Laura Bloomsbury said...

Really love your frog - looks like he/she is sitting up just to have portrait photo taken. Looking forward to finding out about your visitor

Anonymous said...

This frog might be "Berthie" (from site "storynory" which helps me learning English - Berthie used to be a prince..). So nice..
And I am impatient too to know about the inhabitant of your garden. I wish I will understant the name or maybe we will have a photo..

Thanks for sharing..
Mounaque - France