Friday, June 18, 2010

Gardeners World Live 2010 part 3

Another of my favourite flowers is Foxgloves. This display of them was lovely and caught my eye.

The Pink Lilys looked like my Oriental Stargazer. They smell heady and so thickly scented. It is a plant you either love or hate. I love them. These were in displays all around the NEC.

A plant related to the one that is at the top of my blogs page. This was a lovely Pink Atrantia. I bought one that has slightly more white in the flower. Alan Titchmarsh talked about these flowers in his weather proof garden.

Dibleys were there selling their Begonias and Streptocarpus. I only have two Streptocarpus left now as the cold killed all mine off. They are lovely flowers and quite easy to grow.

A plant stall was selling aquatic plants. This gorgeous Water Lily was floating on the top. A few exhibitors of aquatic plants are regularly attending gardening shows. This is beautiful.

An Iris Pseudocorus with exotic tiger stripes on purple and white petals. These were like watercolours in their depth of colour. I only have my Yellow Flag Iris here in this garden.

The displays in the flower hall were very tall. Some reached almost all the way to the ceiling like these Lilys.

I dont know what this flower was, but I loved the intricate shape of it, and the contrast of its pale petals against the background.

There were a series of smaller gardens called Border Ones. These were grouped together on a grass slope. I liked the planting arrangement of this one, and the colours.

This humerous garden was entitled "Wheres Grandad?". It is a representation of his garden complete with Chair, Hat, and gloves. Where he would have spent his free time.

The sun was blazing down on us on wednesday. The outside gardens were extremely exposed. People tried sheltering under Trees and by fences wherever there was some shade.

The last thing we saw on Wednesday was a Demonstration at the Guide Dogs Garden. It was a garden designed for a Couple, one sighted, and one blind. The planting was in raised beds, at hand height with aromatic plants at various area of the garden. The scents were useful in knowing where you were in a garden. Along with a variety of different surfaces to make different noises to tell you where you were.
The volunteer showed a guide dog walking around the garden avoiding obstacles, stopping when there was a danger, and being the blind persons eyes. It was amazing how clever the dog was.
He was a pet out of harness, but once he was harnessed he became a working dog protecting the blind owner. Everyday obstacles like wheely bins, parked cars, or even trailing Roses at face height can become a lethal hazard to somebody who cannot see them.
All in all it was a brilliant day. Very long and tiring because of the two hour train trip to get there. I saw Celebrities, watched Guide Dogs, ate and drank well, bought things, and photographed beautiful plants and gardens. Maybe I will be back next year. I hope you have all enjoyed my blog posts..
PS there are two days left if you near to the NEC.

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