Friday, June 18, 2010

Gardeners World Live 2010 part 2

Away from the Cathedral spaces of the great halls there were a small selection of Show Gardens and Border gardens. This was a keen eco version of Alice In Wanderland. I loved this Teapot fountain pouring into a cup with a giant Teaspoon next to it.

The BBC had comissioned a mini version of Greenacres where the BBC films Gardeners World every week. This was a small representation of this. The Grow Your Own campaign was being launched from here. The presenters were here through the week for Grown Your Own, and for the Plant Swap. They wanted unusual plants in exchange for Greenacres plants.

This show garden was called Help For Heroes, a charity run for British Armed Forces personnel who have been injured in action serving their country. The White Picket fence enclosed a lushly planted garden. The RAF helicopter model hovers above the White House.

The Garden that won a Gold and Best In Show was this Girl Guides 2010 one. It has these lovely Blue/yellow poles and sumptuous planting of wild flowers. I wander if they sowed many trays then put them all together to form a wild flower medal. The Reds and Blues are blooming throughout the garden. The view is restricted to where the poles were.

This garden won me over with its simplicity, and the limited amount of colours. I love how the cushions mirror the wall paintings. The cool water from the feature splashes down under the decking.

People were able to vote for their plant of the show. Ten plants were nominated by judges and the visiting public vote for their best flower. I liked the Princess Anne Rose by David Austin. This flower was a Geranium.

An explosion of pastel colours. These flowers are Larkspurs I think.

For me the flowers are always the stars of the shows. Their textures, shapes, or colours always amaze me, and make me think thats a nice photo for the blog.

The grasses are always arranged beautifully. They keep leaving notices saying do not touch. I just love stroking grasses. They are the most tactile of plants.

David Austin Roses had a display in the Floral marquis. These all smelt lovely. They are my favourite Roses. If you have to have a Rose make sure its one of these.

Another flower I saw in the flower hall was this orange Alstromeria. Peruvian Lilys are always so exotic looking, and have gorgeous markings on their petals.

The Orchids I love to photograph the most are the Ladys Slippers. This was the most striking one that I saw. These photos are just a representation of a fabulous day.
(This is the Second part of three)

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