Monday, June 07, 2010

Unexpected Guests

The most enjoyable photos are suprise ones you never expected to take. The garden has had a run of interesting guests visiting it. After I wrote the blog post about the holes that had appeared in my planter boxes and pots along the concrete path Cat found the suspect.
She caught this juvenile Squirrel in the act of digging in pots. Whether he was secreting nuts away, or digging for bulbs I don't know. Young plants are thrown out of the way as the Squirrel continued in its digging frenzy. I scared him off once but he has since returned. Here he was looking so cute stood on the Bird station water bowl.

The Squirrel was involved in a smash and grab. He had been on the feeder getting a peanut or a bulb. He ran for cover along the decking. His tail is like a furry question mark, and the more excited he gets the more movement his tail gets.

One night I went out to look for the mystery planter digger when I saw something leap across the path to the fence. I used my mobile phone to back light and it was this rather dashing Toad. He was the Toad of Kettlethorpe (where we are living now) Wind In The Willows. I have never seen a Toad here in the UK.
I got the camera, then struggled to find four AA batteries as mine had died. I took this photo of him in the pitch darkness. The illumination comes from my flash. I took many photos to get this.
He was thick olive green skinned and had yellow eyes. He hopped down the path, through the gate, and over the gravel. There is a small Lake and Stream behind the houses over the road from us. If he managed to dodge all the Cars Frogger style he would have a garden to cross before reaching the cool waters. I do not know where he was hiding in our garden..maybe under the decking. I let him continue his night time journey undisturbed.

The final unexpected guest is a Feline variety. I bought a Catnip Six Hills Giant as it was a Butterfly magnet, and flowered spectacularly at Trilby Street. I was sat at the dining room table when i saw this grey and white moggy walk over the patio and start eating the new growth of the Catnip. I knew it would bring the Cats in. Black spot used to love chewing the plant. I think it helps relax Cats.
I have been working today. I have another long day tomorrow before four garden days off.I cannot wait.


Anonymous said...

Wild life is very interesting in your garden and this proves that we don't take enough time to observe our surroundings..

Thanks for the photos..

Mounaque - France

Anonymous said...

What fantastic whiskers this fella has

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks for the comments Mounaque. Do you have a blog or email address? I love all the wildlife..

Thanks MadameButterfly He has some cracking whiskers, like a Victorian gentleman at afternoon tea. He was back today in the garden after the Cat nip. He looked guilty as he went around the garden after we spotted him. The Cat chewing seems to encourage a bushier plant.They eat all the growing tips.

Anonymous said...

Hello David,
No blog but an email address :
I really like your blog and the way you conduct it.
Every morning is a pleasure for me to visit it. You organize your gardon so well and I admire the way you have moved all these plants with lot of care and whishes to see them blooming in the new garden.
Mounaque - France