Monday, June 28, 2010

Hot Day And Garden Therapy

The Song Thrush is a regular visitor to our garden now. He guards the suet treats and chases off all comers, especially the Starlings.
I have enjoyed a few days off from work. I went to the allotment today but it was so hot that I left around midday. The 27 degrees centigrade sun cooked me, and made the sweat pour down my brow into my glasses.
I decided on the way back from the plot that the pond needed a few more aquatic plants. I walked to Hampsons via a public footpath that runs through Fields of Wheat, and a luscious Wildflower meadow. It was extremely peacefull except for little brown birds singing in the small trees.
The pond has taken the new plants from Hampsons. Once the muddy waters have settled down I will photograph it. I spend a good deal of time now staring at the still waters trying to see if there are bugs and beasties in the water, or skating around on top of it. It started off sterile and lifeless, but has developed life over the week or so it has been in existence.
I'm an absolute beginner when it comes to pond building, aquatic plants, and water gardening in general. My ups and downs will be recorded here on the blog.
I'm hoping that the days at work bring Rain. It has been a very dry period recently. The allotment has been baked dry in places. The garden, the Wild flower pond side bed, and the allotment all need rain..
After we lost the football i immersed myself back into the garden. My green therapy.


Laura Bloomsbury said...

Lovely pic and don't mean to be pedantic but you have a female blackbird there. Wish we did have song thrushes though - not one in my garden for over 15 years. I miss that wonderful song and the predation on snails.

Laura x

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Laura, Thanks for your comment.I love the gardenbirds visiting. I am still learning how to recognise them. I love how Song Thrushes used to smash snails on patios by dropping them.Glad you liked the picture.