Friday, June 25, 2010

Colours From Our Garden

I have been busy on three horticultural projects. The first is of course the new garden itself. It needed planning, planting, then the attention of weeding, and watering.
This is the Long Border which is sunken down from the lawn. The plants have all filled out nicely, and the taller ones have given vertical structures. The Teasel is at the front, with the Foxgloves and Lupins behind.

This striking photo is of my Monkshood Flowers. The flower spike is almost six feet tall. It is a perennial and was moved with us from Fishponds. It has definitely sunk its roots down now and is flowering spectacularly. The Violet/Blue flowers look like the cowls of the monks from century's ago.
Its other name was Wolfsbane as it is extremely poisonous. Beautiful and deadly! All parts of it are toxic including leaves/flowers/roots and seeds. Its poisons can be absorbed through your skin too. Wash your hands if you are handling this plant!
This is the second year that is has grown and I love it.

This is the Monkshood (Aconitum Napellus) in profile. I left a packet of bird food by the raised sleeper bed accidentally. I meant to top the birds bowl up.

Another plant flowering for a second year is this Delphinium Pacific Blue. It is the most beautiful sky blue colour and just glows in the sunshine. This plant got the most compliments at the Barbecue a week ago. It is a traditional Cottage garden plant and is a perennial. It should flower bigger and better for every year of its life.

At the front of the sunken border is this Lupin and the White Foxgloves. The Lupin can have its flower spikes cut once they are done to encourage repeat flowerings. There are another three Lupins in the border but they are not flowering yet.
Four out of five of the Foxgloves are flowering. I have white foxgloves, white foxgloves with a lime green splash in the throat, Pink flowered, and pink with burgundy spots..
The Bees love them and spend ages flying into and out of the bell shaped flower taking pollen from flower to flower on their backs or bellys. They are some of my favourite Cottage garden plants.
This is a selection of some of the colours of my garden. The two other projects that I have been doing is making the pond/wildflower area, and tending the allotment plot at Walton. There are lots of photos and prose to share.

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