Sunday, June 06, 2010

Walton Plant Stall 2010

The time is nearly four pm and the 2010 Walton plant stall is over. I went there at half past eight this morning. Cat dropped me off, and as I arrived the rain had already started. I helped out putting the tables up, and bringing the plants out onto the tables. This French Marigold showed the after effects of the pouring rain. It got harder the rain as the morning went on.

We set up outside the village hall under the shade of some Tree's. It stopped some of the rain to start. Eventually though the rain was dripping on us as it dripped off the leaves. The only protection we had was from Jeans gazebo. One end of the tables had Vegetables, then Perennials, Annuals, Bedding Plants, and hanging basket plants. People arrived from quarter past nine until we packed up at one pm.

The plant stall is one event in three. There is a Flower/Produce/Craft show in August, followed by an auction of Vegetables and Cakes the following night. All the proceeds go to the local community groups and charities.

I kept us going in the rain with coffee and Hil's brought her biscuits. The total we raised was £546.10. Hils even seemed to enjoy it this year.I cant wait for next years. I will hopefully have grown some plants for the plant stall.

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