Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bleeding Heart And Aphid

This little Aphid was sat on the Dicentra's new heart shaped flower. The plant has bedded in well and had developed new growth including new flower buds. The buds start off as small flat hearts, but gradually expand as they develop. I love the jewel like moisture inside the white pockets of the flower.
The garden is full today of feeding birds. The newest bird species to the garden is a pink breasted Bullfinch and its fledgling. The pair of them keep visiting our garden.
A few days ago I saw House Sparrows flying in and out of my Roses. They were feeding on all the Aphids that were attacking the Rose bushes. Its the first time I have seen birds eating aphids.
My day always starts when im off with going outside to top up the birds food, and replace all the water so its clean. I have two bird station waterbowls, the plastic birdbath, and a floor ceramic bird bath. Fresh water is as important as the food. It is used for drinking, bathing, and preening.
It was been raining earlier today, so I am just relaxing at the kitchen table watching the garden through the french doors. Its cloudy but dry now. The birds are singing away outside. I can watch them and plan the rest of the garden.

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Anonymous said...

I have already noticed that tits like eating aphids. So they are very usefull in a garden..

Mounaque - France