Saturday, June 19, 2010

Clover And Frogs Dreams

Its the sixth day of our holiday and we are holding a Barbecue today. I spent Thursday with Cat cutting the grass and planting my bedding plants.
I tidied up the two exposed corners of the garden. The wooden decking has been dismantled by John (Cats middle son) and our neighbour. The space that it has opened up is unbelievable.
The sun is just peeking through the clouds now. Fingers crossed it stays dry for our house warming BBQ!
I saw a small frog yesterday on the edge of the grass. I think he had been feeding on the slugs under where the decking was. I thought if there were Frogs in the garden a pond would be nice..
Cat suggested using the Turtle sand pit that was left by the old owners of the house. It is round in shape, deep, green, and waterproof.
I moved the compost bin and contents back to the corner of the garden. That left exposed ground that had a nice dip in it. That's where I dug the hole to sink the pond liner (turtle sandpit) into. I planted some Bergenia's, Ferns, Snapdragons, Bunny Tails Grasses, and Larkspurs around the pond between the compost bin and the fence. Cat sowed some Wildflower mix around the pond. It will be left wild to attract the wildlife in.
The pond was filled and so far the birds have been drinking from it. I need the wild flowers to start growing to soften the ponds plastic green edges. I want to see how the cool water will attract the wildlife. The soil surrounding the pond will be left to develop a little wildness, with my plants anchored within it. Bordered by the grass of the lawn.
The photo is the white Clover that is growing on the front lawn. I love the intricate structure of the flower.


Anonymous said...

My brother built one in his garden last year and it is so much fun - this year they have had hundreds of tadpoles, now all transforming - they have 3 resident newts and hundreds of birds visit it all day. It has given his family so much pleasure, I know you will love yours.

Anonymous said...

It is a nice idea this pond !It will attract other tiny animals. And for the warm nights you will have free concerts of frogs :-)

Finally I found that snapdragons is called in French "mouth of wolf (gueule de loup)".. strange from one language to another...

Mounaque - France

clairesgarden said...

hope the pond has great sucess. i would love one, that should be my next project.