Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Three Big Birds

The Rose Lady Emma Hamilton in flower yesterday before the rain fell down and knocked it downwards.
The new growth has another ten flower buds on it.It has been the most flowered Rose of all six that I have in the garden.
It rained heavily today and between rain showers I tidied up the garden a bit.
Removed grasses and annual weeds that were growing between my plants.
I watched the garden birds feeding, and have just seen three unusal birds, like blackbirds but with lighter heads..
I will look through my RSPB book to see if i can identify them.They were hopping around the patio and into the borders.
I disturbed one earlier and heard frantic flapping as it went through the Viburnum Tinus. I wander if this was one of my heavier birds.
The house sparrows and blue tits were feeding most of the day when i sat watching.they are pure therapy watching them in the garden.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps your birds were brown-headed cowbirds. About the size of a robin. Males have black bodies with a brown head.

Thanks for keeping such good notes and pictures on Lady Emma Hamilton. I just pre-ordered one for next season, and I'm so excited to see what mine will hopefully turn into. How is it with disease resistance in your garden? It's difficult to find information on her. Thanks.