Saturday, September 27, 2008

Monkey Flower

Todays photo is a flower from Cats garden, the warm fiery tones of the Mimulus or Monkey Flower.I love the hairy throat that leads up to the pollen in the tubular petals.It almost has three green eyes in the top of the flower.
These have regrown from last year, maybe they self seeded or are perennials.The colours of these plants are usually striking orange, yellow, or red.
It was sunny today with no rain.I have not written that line very often over the past few months.
I brought the Chilli plants indoors today and harvested a good twenty chillis from various plants.They will live in the spare room over the winter.Most still have fruit developing on them too.Any one got some good chilli recipies?
Tomorrow is forecast cloudy but no rain, a perfect day to go to the allotment, to tidy up, dig the new Strawberry bed, and prepare for planting Broadbeans, and winter Cabbages..

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Anonymous said...

Lovely see the flowers and plants in such a beautiful mimula looks truly's a shame there aren't more of them.